Brock Lesnar New Hotel Bar Photo Revealed

WWE star Brock Lesnar shockingly became the new WWE Champion at the Day 1 pay-per-view. Following the event, Lesnar was spotted in public with the title.



Brock Lesnar makes public appearance

TNT Hockey analyst Rick Tocchet took to Twitter to share a rare public appearance image of Lesnar. The newly crowned WWE Champion made a surprise appearance at a hotel bar after Day 1 and posed with the WWE Championship, as well:

Lesnar was inserted into the WWE Championship match just hours before the Day 1 event. He was supposed to face Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship. However, The Tribal Chief tested positive for COVID-19 and withdrew from the show. Instead, WWE decided to put Lesnar in the WWE Title match and make it a Fatal-5 Way Match.

Brock Lesnar’s new opponents for the night were Big E, Kevin Owens, Seth Rollins, and Bobby Lashley. ‘The Beast Incarnate’ found himself on the back foot in the early stages of the Fatal-Five-Way Match.

At the start of the match, Seth Rollins and Kevin Owens ganged up on Lesnar. Later, The Beast Incarnate was taken out of the equation by Big E. Bobby Lashley followed it up with a spear. Lesnar, however, got back into the ring but got trapped in the Hurt Lock.

Big E had other plans in store. The now-former WWE Champion attempted to hit the Big Ending on The Beast Incarnate, who turned the tables and hit an F5 to dethrone Big E.

Lesnar started his sixth WWE title reign and we will have to see what is next for him. Lashley is likely to be his next challenger as they teased ‘the dream match’ which has been on the cards for years now. Lesnar and Lashley both have strong backgrounds in MMA, competing in UFC and Bellator respectively in the past.

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