Brock Lesnar ‘Punished’ WWE Star Before Firing

WWE Chairman Vince McMahon takes some serious steps when it comes down to teaching the talents a lesson. He once used Brock Lesnar to punish the former WWE star, Zach Gowen. The former Spirit Squad member Rene Dupree recently recalled the notable match between Lesnar and Zach Gowen on SmackDown. He proceeded to claim that the match was set up to punish Gowen.



Renee Dupree opens up on the matter

Gowen is a one-legged wrestler, who picked up a win against Lesnar via disqualification on the August 21, 2003 episode of SmackDown. During the match, ‘The Beast Incarnate’ assaulted Gowen with a steel chair in front of his mother in his home state of Michigan. Gowen was busted open as a result.

Dupree, a former WWE star recently opened up on the segment during his Cafe de Rene podcast. He said that Gowen got in trouble when he smoked backstage. He believes the scripted attack from Lesnar was planned to teach the rookie a lesson.

“What I had heard is that he was caught smoking cigarettes backstage,” said Dupree. “If you’ve ever been backstage at a WWF [WWE] show, Vince [McMahon] has ‘no smoking’ signs all over the building… Remember that segment where Brock bashes his f***ing brains in with that steel chair in front of his own mother? That was punishment right there.”

The WWE talents are not allowed to smoke inside the arenas. However, there are exceptions as revealed by Dupree, who noted that Vince McMahon only allowed two of his closest friends, Jack Lanza and Pat Patterson to smoke backstage.

In other news regarding Brock Lesnar, during a recent interview on the Pat McAfee show, the current WWE Champion opened up about a time when fighting his brother went a tad too far. Credit to SportsKeeda for the below.

“We were fighting all the time. My brothers were fighting and it was World War 3. I fought my older brothers, put them through kitchen tables when I finally grew up and had enough of their shit. I was probably 18. I put my brother through the China cabinet. My mom and dad just cracked a beer as was, ‘ah, this needed to happen.”

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