Brock Lesnar Removed From Show For John Cena

Brock Lesnar, a dominant force in both professional wrestling and combat sports, has held multiple World Championships throughout his illustrious career. While fans anticipated his return at Money in the Bank, a recent development saw him make an appearance on Monday Night RAW instead. It seems that WWE had a valid reason for delaying his return.



Reports initially suggested that Brock Lesnar was slated to appear at the Money in the Bank Premium Live Event, continuing his feud with Cody Rhodes. However, those plans did not come to fruition. Nevertheless, fans were treated to other surprising returns during the event.

In a twist of events, the Beast Incarnate made an unanticipated appearance on this week’s episode of Monday Night RAW. The sight of Lesnar unleashed utter chaos as he targeted Cody Rhodes. However, Rhodes managed to repel Lesnar’s assault and emerged victorious in their encounter.

According to a report from WKRD Wrestling, the delay in Brock’s return was attributed to the presence of other top superstars such as Drew McIntyre and John Cena at Money in the Bank. WWE wanted to ensure that Lesnar’s return was not overshadowed by multiple surprises during the event. Therefore, they made the decision to alter their plans.

With SummerSlam just five weeks away, WWE has already outlined significant plans for the feud between Cody Rhodes and Brock Lesnar. Fans can eagerly anticipate how the company will book and develop their rivalry in the coming weeks, leading up to the highly anticipated pay-per-view event.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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