Brock Lesnar Reportedly Quits WWE

Brock Lesnar reportedly said backstage he was quitting WWE with Vince McMahon.



AEW commentator and WWE legend Jim Ross recently reflected on Brock Lesnar performing the infamous Shooting Star Press which ended up in a huge botch during WWE Championship match against Kurt Angle at WrestleMania 19. Lesnar messed up the top-rope move and nearly broke his neck after he landed awkwardly on the mat.

Jim Ross opens up on the Brock Lesnar botch

This week’s episode of Grilling JR revolved around the rise of ‘The Beast Incarnate’ and Ross said that the former Universal Champion didn’t need to use the dangerous maneuver. The WWE Hall of Famer noted that the NCAA Champion didn’t need aerial moves to beat his opponents and revealed how “pi**ed” he was after the horrific spot:

“Well, I don’t need to see a 300-pound guy do a shooting star press. I really don’t, and when he did it at WrestleMania 19, I was pi**ed. Why? Why do it? It’s a spot. That’s all it is,” said Jim Ross. “And, a guy that is a National Champion should be able to convincingly beat his adversary in a variety of ways without risking his god damn career. If his neck wasn’t 20 inches and he wasn’t as strong as the ox, he could have broken his neck on that really easily.”

Ross also highlighted that Kurt Angle was a little too far from the corner, which made the Shooting Star Press even more challenging for Brock Lesnar.

“I think Laurinaitis put that together. I know I chewed his a** out. ‘Well, Vince liked it.’ Did you point out that it’s risky, and he had not done it in front of a crowd like that before, etc.? Kurt was too far out; I’m not blaming Kurt,” clarified the AEW commentator. “You should not have done the damn spot to start with. But nonetheless, nobody wanted to run him off when they saw him for the first time; I can tell you that. His look!”

Lesnar has suffered a concussion after the failed move but continued with his match to defeat Angle.

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