Rumours: Why Brock Lesnar retained the Universal Championship?

Whether you liked it or not, you have to admit that WrestleMania was filled with many surprising moments like the end of Asuka’s streak, Nakamura’s heel turn and more.



However the most surprising of them all has to be Brock Lesnar retaining the WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns at the Show Of Shows and rumors on it have already begun.

While there are many speculations on why Lesnar retained, the most popular one so far is that the company is planning a future match between Brock and a returning Bobby Lashley.

For those who don’t know, Lashley has been subject to many speculations lately as well and word is that he is WWE bound and could make his return to the company within the next few weeks.

Though as of now, all these reports are nothing but rumors and we’ll have to wait for tomorrow’s episode of Monday Night Raw to get an idea on why the company chose to keep the title on Brock Lesnar.

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