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Brock Lesnar suffered a wardrobe malfunction during his WWE SummerSlam loss to Cody Rhodes, with his dick being exposed to fans.

WWE is gearing up for SummerSlam this weekend. It has come to light that they will hold a tryout as well. Maxxine Dupri’s real-life boyfriend is set to participate in the SummerSlam tryouts, following the company’s tradition of holding annual tryouts before major stadium events like WrestleMania.

This year, as they prepare for SummerSlam at Detroit’s Ford Field, released an exclusive article featuring some of the collegiate athletes who will be taking part.

Among the attendees is Anthony Luke, a former San Diego State University defensive lineman, and also the real-life boyfriend of WWE Raw star Maxxine Dupri. The member of the Alpha Academy is seen on a weekly basis on WWE RAW.The couple started dating two years ago and are in a committed relationship. The couple live quite a private life and do not share many details.

The list of participants for the tryouts also includes notable athletes like former University of Arizona and Texas Tech linebacker Colin Schooler, former USC track and field athlete and Team USA member Destinee Brown, and former Texas Tech and University of Central Florida track and field athlete Kaylor Harris. With such promising talent involved, the SummerSlam tryouts are bound to be an exciting and eventful occasion for all involved.

Meanwhile, Maxxine Dupri is currently having a great time as part of The Alpha Academy. While speaking on the “After the Bell” podcast, Gable claimed Dupri will do all his moves better than him and put him out of his job.
“[They’re] Mostly my moves, so I’ve got to reel her back a little bit on that because before you know it, she’s going to be doing all my stuff better than me and then I’ll be out of a job,” Gable said. “She’s taken over the ‘shoosh,’ my moves, the ‘thank you,’ and she’s a star now.”