Brock Lesnar Surprising ‘Weight Loss’ Leaks

Brock Lesnar has had a Hall of Fame worthy career, making his name in not only WWE but the UFC as well. In a recent interview with ESPN’s Sports Nation, Lesnar’s long time rival, The Undertaker recently discussed a potential UFC dream match between Lesnar and new UFC Heavyweight Champion, Francis Ngannou, discussing comparisons between the two heavyweights and how Lesnar moves incredibly fast for someone his size, mentioning that he had to cut weight in a short amount of time to make it from 290 pounds to 264 pounds. Credit to Fightful for the below.



This major Brock Lesnar Backlash return rumor just leaked. “And with Lesnar, you know, he was just a legitimate beast. Because your mind would see somebody that big and you can’t imagine how fast of a human being he is. He walked around at what, 290? You know he had to cut weight to make 264, but your mind says there is no way he can be that fast. He shoots like a 190-pound guy, and then when he gets a hold of you, he’s so strong, so I can definitely see the comparisons. I just think Ngannou has that fear for when he hits you. He will just take your head right off, so that is kind of the narrative now that is being told. So all of that kind of build-up, and Brock got the same sort of build-up, so there’s many comparisons I see there. Hell, you throw enough money Brock’s way, he will fight him I bet. You know Brock is a businessman. You put the right money in front of him and he will probably be open to anything.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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