Brock Lesnar Swears Multiple Times On WWE Raw

Brock Lesnar called Bobby Lashley a ‘chickens**’ on WWE Raw and was muted, he also appeared to yell the f-word multiple times at Lashley and he was muted and censored again during another extended period. Lesnar was trying to secure a rematch with Lashley, who declined, but Adam Pearce gave Brock a spot in the WWE Elimination Chamber title match.



Lesnar also announced that he will challenge Roman Reigns at WrestleMania, but he wants the match to be title vs. title.

Ken Kennedy was supposed to be pushed to the moon in WWE, but that did not happen. He was supposed to become Vince McMahon’s illegitimate son, but he was replaced by Hornswoggle.

He won the Money In The Bank but failed to cash it in. He was eventually released after hitting Randy Orton with a bad suplex on Kennedy’s first night after returning from injury.

Reddit user kicked off a thread on r/SquaredCirclewere it was claimed that the school has been closed for “quite some time” and has not resumed like other gyms in the area. Ken Kennedy was accused of scamming students from his wrestling school.

It also alleged that students at the school have been enrolled for almost two years and have yet to receive any semblance of training. The user claimed students have missed out on basic training like, “tape study, character development or promos”.

BodySlam reported that the academy told them the sign-up process at the academy ended up being “very simple. Verbal via text. It was early [into the COVID-19 pandemic] and nobody was meeting in person at the time.” More details were written below and it seems Anderson has not yet responded to the allegations either.

In no way am I making any claims on Ken’s character as I’ve had minimal contact with the man, but I believe his business practices and professionalism speak for themselves. I’m personally not out to ruin anyone’s career but simply trying to hold others accountable for their actions as well as preventing others from making the same mistakes I did.

The money I’m out may not seem like a lot to some but it was my entire savings as well as my dreams, and at the end of the day, that’s all I want back. My dream is crushed but hopefully, I can get my money back.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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