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Brock Lesnar to miss upcoming events

Brock Lesnar Raw

The WWE Universal Champion is apparently not scheduled for tomorrow night’s episode of Monday Night Raw. It’s been speculated that Brock Lesnar won’t make many appearances until Money in the Bank.

Lesnar will also miss the European tour next week, though it’s possible we’ll see him on the May 21st episode of Raw, which takes place in Albany. The Beast Incarnate likely won’t defend his belt until MITB, which means he’ll surpass CM Punk’s title reign of 434 days.

According to theĀ Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Lesnar is not under contract for Summerslam, so it’s possible that he’ll lose the title before then. However, as is the case for professional wrestling, that could easily change.

  • Will Henderson

    in actuality, the record is the longest main event title reign in the WWE in modern history. while the record will still stand for the WWE Championship belt itself, but the record for modern longest WWE main event champion title reign (which is either the WWE Championship, WWE World Heavyweight Championship (2002-2013 version) or the current Universal Championship) is the record that is set to be broken.

  • oppa

    It would be more newsworthy if he actually showed up for work.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    Yea, but technically Orton is the youngest WHC, not WWE champion.

  • Kristopher Robinson

    I really dont think that Lesnars reign should count honestly. Hes never there and barely defends his title. Such a waste of time and beating a record

  • WWE Pettiness

    When Lesnar went over at Mania, I knew they were going to have Lesnar retain until he had surpassed Punk’s reign as WWE champ. WWE did the same petty thing by having Orton win the title when Lesnar left so they didn’t have to refer to Lesnar as the youngest champ and when they had Nikki Bella beat AJ’s reign as Diva’s champ. Say what you want about Punk, but between Punk and Lesnar, Punk deserves to be the longer reigning champ.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    News flash CM Punk was never Universal Champion. Get your facts straight.