Brock Lesnar ‘To Surprise’ Drew McIntyre At WrestleMania?

John Cena Sr. pitched Brock Lesnar being added to Drew McIntyre vs. Bobby Lashley WWE Title match at WrestleMania as guest referee in a new MWF interview. Brock Lesnar ‘attacking’ a WWE Hall of Famer backstage was just revealed.



“My whole thing is, I’m putting my money on Bobby Lashley. I think they would be very remiss if they put that belt back on Drew McIntyre. What I’d like to see at WrestleMania, Lashley against McIntyre, and I know you’re not in favor of this stuff, but if you want a special guest referee or a run-in so that nothing happens, I’d bring my man Brock Lesnar in to shake things up. That would be the surprise of surprises. Let it go from there. But please, please, don’t let this bubble bounce back and forth. Give the man [Lashley] a chance.”

He also discussed WWE releasing Andrade, “We do not know the full circumstances. Well, okay [if WWE did not want to use him] but there’s got to be more to it than that. Again, I think you’re 100 percent right in what you’re saying [WWE should have kept Andrade], but once again we don’t know the story behind the story, as Paul Harvey, God rest his soul, used to say on his news program. ‘Now you’ve got the rest of the story!’ So there has to be a reason because you don’t have a talent like that young man and just say, ‘We’ve got nothing for you, bye.’” Sportskeeda transcribed Cena’s remarks.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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