Brock Lesnar Wardrobe Malfunction Video Leaks

Brock Lesnar appeared to get his privates stuck inside his shorts at WWE Elimination Chamber, with fans noticing the WWE Champion adjusting his ‘beast incarnate’ in his shorts.

Logan Paul is back in WWE, and he is known to make some crazy purchases, but this one might take the cake on one of the most insane things that he has blown his money on. Tyron Woodley Drops Jake Paul Girlfriend Bombshell.

Logan stated on Twitter: “This is the dumbest, most ridiculous sh*tcoin I’ve ever seen. And that’s why I’m all in.” Logan is talking about a cryptocurrency called “Dink Doink”. For our readers, no, this does not pertain to Dink and Doink the professional wrestling stars.

Dink Doink coin is a new cryptocurrency that many consider a shi*coin which is a play on the crypto, Bitcoin. A coin such as Dink Doink is made to make a lot of money very quickly due to the volume of people who will purchase the coin.

What then happens is the coin spikes in value and then falls incredibly sharply to being worth almost nothing again after the initial explosion which then leads to many people losing out on their investment. There’s no telling if Logan was paid for his promotion of the coin, but looking at the official page for Dink Doink, it looks like a few celebrities are pushing the coin which could very well mean that Logan and others were paid for this.

In other Brock Lesnar news, the current WWE Champion stated on a recent edition of the Pat McAfee show that while he deeply respects Dana White he wishes the UFC did a better job of building their starts. Credit to MMA Junkie for the below.

“I don’t watch a lot of fighting anymore,” Lesnar said. “It’s just (that) there are so many guys, it’s hard to follow. I wish Dana could figure out how to book things differently and like – come on, man, let’s start getting behind some of these guys and protect somebody for a while so that they can become a household name and you can cha-ching them. But he’s in the business of putting on super fights every week, and it’s tough to do, and it’s tough to stay on top.”

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