Brock Lesnar Weird Meeting With Fired WWE Star Leaks

It has come to light by a former WWE star that Brock Lesnar had an awkward conversation with him ahead of coming across on TV.



Mace Fka Dio Maddin was recently released from WWE. The ex-WWE star recently shared memories of his WWE run in a Twitch stream. Fans may remember that Mace had a short-lived commentary stint on WWE RAW back in 2019.

It has been noted that on the November 4, 2019, episode of RAW, Mace stood up for Jerry Lawler, who was being bullied by Lesnar. This didn’t end well for him, as The Beast Incarnate ended up hitting the former Maximum Male Model with a devastating F5 on the announce table.

Mace revealed in the stream that he had an awkward conversation with Brock Lesnar before the segment in question. Lesnar seemingly had no idea who Mace was and assumed that he didn’t know what an F5 meant. Lesnar approached Mace and started explaining the meaning of his finishing move to him.

Check out Mace’s hilarious story below:

“Lesnar was very cool. Funny thing about Lesnar… I don’t know if he didn’t know I worked at all. I assume he didn’t. I assume he doesn’t know anything outside of his farm. He walked up to me and says, ‘So, we got a little business tonight.’ I say, ‘Yeah. What you wanna do?’ He’s like, ‘I got a move called the F5. It’s like a Fireman’s Carry. I basically toss you over my head and I put you on your belly for a belly bomb.’ I was like, ‘Yeah, Brock. I’m familiar with the very popular, very famous, finishing maneuver, the F5. How do you want me to take it? [laughs]'”

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