Brock Lesnar Wife & Steve Austin Sad Rumor Leaks

Former Intercontinental Champion Marc Mero recently made some comments on his ex-wife, Sable, who is the current wife of WWE star Brock Lesnar. Mero went on to claim that WWE Hall of Famer Stone Cold Steve Austin refused to work with him in WWE.



Marc Mero opens up on the matter

After a five-year run in WCW, Marc Mero signed with WWE in 1996. The company also signed his then-wife, Sable. The real-life couple later feuded on-screen. They even had two one-on-one matches in which they exchanged victories. During their rivalry, Sable bodyslammed her husband, which later allegedly affected Mero’s career.

In a recent interview with Ten Count, Mero disclosed that he was set to have a storyline with Stone Cold Steve Austin. However, The Texas Rattlesnake refused to work with him after seeing him getting bodyslammed by Sable.

“I was made to really get Sable over, which was what we wanted to do, you know. But in essence it also hurt me because when like, for example, when she bodyslammed me, I was gonna go into a program with Steve Austin and when Steve saw that he was like, ‘if this girl could beat up Wildman Marc Mero, what am I getting in the ring with him for?'” he said.

Although he wanted to work with Austin, Mero felt he was doing the best for his family at the time by getting his wife over:

“At that time, they’re backing up the Brinks truck to our house, you know what I mean, we’re a married couple so whether she’s getting over, I’m getting over, I’m getting paid the same no matter what. But now when her merchandise and all that kicks in, it really made a huge difference and so on so. At that time, you just go, ‘I just want to do what’s right for the family.’ And like I said, I look back with no regrets. And unfortunately, I didn’t get to have my run with Steve like I though would’ve been pretty cool but I totally understand,” he added.

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