Brock Lesnar WrestleMania Surprise ‘Angers’ WWE Star

Edge told Sports Nation that Brock Lesnar should have lost to The Undertaker at WrestleMania 30, rather than having a massive surprise victory. Brock Lesnar ‘Angers’ Top AEW Star Backstage



Edge said, “I think that should have been saved for someone who you want to strap the rocket to. And you know and you trust and is going to like… to me, Roman Reigns was the guy to do it. And that’s where it should have been done.

I know I get that he’s a believable one to do it, but okay, great, this is professional wrestling. It’s not MMA. So to me, you do it with the character that you think is going to pull your cart for the next 10-15 years.”

Vince McMahon ultimately made the decision, and it can be hard to change his mind. Triple H told Paul Rabil on the Suiting Up podcast, “A lot of people play football and I used to use this analogy a lot with talent because they would say, ‘Why can’t we — I’m proud to be a wrestler. Why can’t I say I’m a wrestler?’ It’s not that you’re not a wrestler, but you’re a WWE superstar. Anybody can wrestle. You can wrestle in your backyard and say, ‘I’m a professional wrestler’ but to be a WWE superstar is something different. It’s like saying, ‘I played football. I was in the NFL.’

It’s two different things and I think that branding is important so, there is that weird stigma to it sometimes and you’ll hear me quote Vince [McMahon] a lot but it’s part of one of the things he taught me is also the art of communication. It’s not what you say to people, it’s what they take in from what you say so you gotta know the audience you’re dealing with. If you’re dealing with somebody that’s going to see you, you particularly as if you say, ‘I’m a professional Lacrosse player’ and they go, ‘Okay, jock. Can’t do much else’ or whatever, right? ‘Spent his life in a gym, probably not that educated maybe’ or whatever and you say ‘executive’, it is perceived differently depending on who they are.”

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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