Brock Lesnar WWE Retirement Rumor Revealed

Brock Lesnar has earned a well-deserved reputation as one of the most successful and accomplished professional wrestlers of all time. He has been a dominant force in the industry during his two stints with the WWE, proving his immense star power and cementing his legacy as The Beast Incarnate. Lesnar has achieved almost everything there is to achieve in pro wrestling, leading many to believe that he can retire at any time he wants.



Lesnar’s road to success began after his time in WWE’s Ohio Valley Wrestling developmental territory, where he honed his skills and prepared for his highly anticipated debut on the main roster in 2002. During his initial run with WWE, Lesnar achieved immense success and set a record by winning the WWE Championship in an incredibly short amount of time.

After his WWE departure in 2004, Lesnar went on to pursue other interests, including a successful stint in mixed martial arts (MMA) where he became the UFC Champion. He also became an NCAA Champion and an IWGP Champion, demonstrating his versatility and talent across multiple combat sports.

In 2012, Lesnar made his long-awaited return to the WWE, and he would go on to become a 10-time World Champion in the company. His incredible achievements and unmatched dominance in the ring have left many fans and experts in awe, and some believe that he has nothing left to prove in his career.

Recently, WWE Hall Of Famer Kurt Angle was asked whether he would be surprised if Lesnar decides to retire soon. Angle responded that he would not be surprised, given that Lesnar has accomplished everything he’s ever wanted to in his career and has made more.

“[Are you surprised that he might be thinking about walking away?] No, I think Brock has done as much as he could in his career, UFC Champion, NCAA Champion, WWE Champion, IWGP Champion. I think he’s done everything he’s wanted to do. I think he’s made more than enough money. And this guy what he likes to do is spend time with his family and go hunting and fishing. So, that’s where I would imagine Brock’s gonna be the rest of his life. That’s what’s gonna make him happy and I think he deserves it. I think he worked hard enough and made enough money that he’s gonna be okay the rest of his life.”

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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