Brock Lesnar’s Health, Shane McMahon and WWE Executives’ MMA Meeting, more

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* Brock Lesnar’s health is one of the things that I am thinking a great deal about these days. As former OU and Dallas Cowboy coach Barry Switzer once told me, “You recruit a kid for life” and that’s how I feel about all the guys I signed for WWE including (Steve) Austin, Rock, (Randy) Orton, Batista, (John) Cena, Lesnar etc. Management and the talents may not always see eye to eye, such as the case during Lesnar’s exit from WWE, but that has zero to do with how I feel about Brock personally. Business is business and personal relationships are something entirely different to me. It’s not always that way in wrestling by the way. Brock is a gifted athlete who, like me, was a country boy who made it to the bright lights of the ‘big city.’ I do not know his diagnosis other than what I read. Dana White intimated that Brock had intestine issues. Gosh, can I relate to that or what?

* Speaking of MMA, apparently their message boards are ‘going crazy’ about the alleged meetings with former wrestling personnel meeting with UFC officials in the past week or so. I don’t know the nature of these alleged meetings nor is it any of my business but the knee jerk reactions of MMA message board people because these folks have backgrounds in pro wrestling indicates that there are some ignorant, insecure people hiding behind screen names on these boards. People with promotional experience, experience in selling tickets and PPV’s, opening new markets, promoting live events, utilizing existing business contacts, etc can potentially prove to be invaluable.

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