Brock Lesnar’s Wife & Edge Bombshell Leaks

Throughout the history of WWE, there have been a few Superstars who have become controversial figures, leading to their names being off-limits within the company. Surprisingly, one such name that is seemingly prohibited from being mentioned is Sable, the wife of renowned wrestler Brock Lesnar.



In a recent episode of WWE Friday Night SmackDown, Edge, the veteran wrestler with an illustrious 25-year career, took the opportunity to connect with the fans at Madison Square Garden. Reflecting on his humble beginnings, he made an unexpected reference to his debut as Sable’s mystery partner in 1998, acknowledging the role she played in his early days in the company.

The mention of Sable’s name in Edge’s promo was a surprise, as it has been decades since her name was last referenced in a WWE show. The absence of her name being mentioned is not without reason.

Despite being one of the biggest names from the Attitude Era, Sable has not made any appearances during reunion shows and has not been inducted into the prestigious WWE Hall of Fame. According to former WWE star Torrie Wilson, there appears to be an unofficial ban on mentioning Sable’s name.

During a virtual signing, Wilson disclosed that she was explicitly instructed not to mention Sable during her Hall of Fame speech. In a lighthearted manner, Wilson humorously suggested that one would have to go to Timbuktu in Minnesota to find Sable, as she has distanced herself completely from the world of professional wrestling. Wilson added that despite sharing storylines and even appearing on the cover of Playboy together during their time on SmackDown in 2003, mentioning Sable’s name was strictly prohibited.

Sable’s tenure with the WWE came to an end in 2004, after which she chose to lead a private life alongside her husband, Brock Lesnar. It seems that Sable’s ex-husband, Marc Mero, has come to terms with their past and has accepted how things have turned out. However, during their time in WWE, there were undoubtedly challenging moments for both Sable and Mero.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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