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Brock Lesnar’s WWE future still uncertain

Brock Lesnar’s future in WWE is interesting now considering he has ”retired” from MMA. He reportedly asked for more money than Dana White was willing to pay so the retirement announcement was on UFC’s end. Regardless, Lesnar will be making money from WWE.

Brad Shepard reports that Brock Lesnar will work the Saudi Arabia show on June 7th and it is the belief that Lesnar will work Summerslam as well. However, nothing is for certain as there are “zero confirmed dates” for Lesnar for now past the Super ShowDown in Jeddah.

According to a source in #WWE, Brock Lesnar will do his spot at the Saudi show and probably #SummerSlam, although that part isn’t clear because internally there are zero confirmed dates for Brock after the Saudi show. @HeymanHustle

Brock Lesnar has always preferred shorter contracts. So it will be interesting to see what his next move will be.

  • Luke

    Wrestlers and wrestling cards are absolutely not booked based on who deserves what. Every time Brock is advertised for a PPV, that PPV sells well. Hence they keep booking him. He has legitimacy and the way he wrestles combined with the way he apparently is backstage has given him the one thing that few other wrestlers can attain: legitimate heat from casual fans and smarks alike.

  • Rinn13

    I will never understand why Lesnar is such a “money draw”. He’s always been a crap wrestler, though he certainly got worse when he made his comeback. He was tolerable in his original, “pushed WAY too fast” WWE run. But he has absolutely surpassed Ultimate Warrior or almost anyone else for that matter (save perhaps Rousey) as the top candidate for “Least Deserving Wrestler Pushed to the Moon” in WWF/E history.