Brodus Clay Tweets, News on the WrestleMania 30 Location and More

– Brodus Clay wrote the following on Twitter regarding reports that his character has been put on hold:



“Don’t believe the hater hype plant funk still in orbit ya dig!”

– NWA Hollywood star Nick Madrid has just completed his second two-day tryout with WWE in less than a month. Madrid is on WWE’s radar as he also worked the Anaheim RAW Supershow and Las Vegas SmackDown tapings last month.

– Regarding WrestleMania 29 being held in the New York area and how it affects WrestleMania 30, a WWE source indicates that WWE officials weren’t even considering the location for WrestleMania 30 yet. WrestleMania 29 was decided on based on the bid that WWE received from the State of New Jersey. Nothing is official for WrestleMania 30 yet and there’s no word if it will be held in New York City to keep with tradition.

Partial source: PWInsider

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