Brodus Wrestling at Axxess, Ryback Works Out with WWE Fans, More

– Former WWE Women’s Champion Chyna noted on Twitter that Vivid Video will release her adult film that spoofs pro wrestling soon. Queen of the Ring is scheduled to be released this September.



– We’re seeking fan reports from any of the SummerSlam Axxess events in Los Angeles this weekend, including the screening of WWE Studios’ The Day with David Otunga, Randy Orton and others participating. Feel free to e-mail me your reports.

– Speaking of Axxess, one match we know will be taking place at today’s event is Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis. That match will take place at 4pm.

– While in Los Angeles this week for SummerSlam, Ryback met with a group of five WWE fans at a local Gold’s Gym for some intense training. The fans had entered a contest at their local Gold’s Gym over the past few weeks to earn a chance to train with Ryback. The one-hour training session saw Ryback put the men through his typical back routine – five lifts performed in a nonstop superset. Following the workout, Ryback spoke with the fans about dieting, his cardio regimen and what it takes to be a WWE Superstar.

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