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“Broken” Matt Hardy helps Ricochet understand why he hit the double moonsault at NXT TakeOver: War Games

Broken Matt Hardy

Everyone’s jaws dropped when Ricochet hit a beautifully executed double moon-sault from the top of the War Games cage onto seven other men in the ring. The North American Champion received a tremendous pop when he hit this move and also got a lot of praise from everyone on Twitter.

Ricochet reacted to this freakish move that he pulled off on Twitter by saying that he didn’t know what he was thinking when he leapt off the cage like that.

“Broken” Matt Hardy quickly replied to the One and Only by saying that he suffers from an addiction that his brother, Jeff Hardy has been suffering from for thirty years…

For those of you unaware, Hardy is referring to Ricochet and Jeff’s tendency of pulling off high-flying spots in their matches, something that he’s playfully critiqued in his “Broken” acts.

Ricochet soon understood his mistake and “apologized” to Hardy with an adorable gif.

Hardy responded by saying that Ricochet’s “Condishtion” is a blessing and curse and that he is proud of him and his partner for putting up a great performance at NXT TakeOver: War Games.