Brooke Hogan Flaunts Backside In Country Dress

WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke Hogan recently took to her Instagram account and posted a picture which has stunned her fans. Her caption read:



“The little bit of land left around Nashville… this city is GROWING!!!”

Brooke Hogan talks about IVF attempts

Brooke Hogan and her husband Myles are eager to welcome their first child together in July- but it hasn’t all been sunshine and rainbows for the couple.

The Australia’s Next Top Model star recently opened up to Steph Claire Smith on Wednesday about the difficulty of her first failed IVF attempt.

She recently spoke on the KICPOD podcast and she said that the process took a huge physical and emotional toll her, but the ‘hardest part’ was getting the negative test result.

“‘I was very naïve on my first time because we had twelve eggs and I thought, “I’m gonna get seven or eight embryos.”

”We ended up getting to day five and we had five,” she said.

It was at this point, after going through the brutal process of medical injections and egg collection, the influencer had her first egg transfer. Brooke went on to explain that she had to wait 12 days before she could get a blood test to see if she was pregnant.

During this time, she ‘over-analysed all [her] symptoms’ in the hopes the embryo took and she was pregnant, even going to far as to take an at home pregnancy test because she couldn’t wait for the results.

Unfortunately, her first transfer was a failure and was forced to go back through the process of egg collection after losing the rest of her embryos.

”That’s the hardest part. That’s the hard part about IVF because you think this has to work because you’re throwing everything at it. And then you’re back at square one,” she said.

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