Brooke Hogan Says Hulk Is A Changed Man, Speaks On Kissing Girls, Linda

Hulk Hogan’s daughter Brooke recently spoke to The Sun in the UK about her family and her VH1 reality show. Here are some highlights:



On her current relationship with Hulk: “Our relationship is a lot stronger. Dad’s definitely changed as a person too. He was always a good dad, but he’s been really getting into the spiritual side of stuff now. He’s been reading a lot of books and he’s also started praying to God, so he’s just been really calm and his kids are his top priority.”

On kissing a girl in a recent episode of Brooke Knows Best: “Everyone’s been talking about that scene, especially men because they just love that girl-on-girl stuff. It’s so funny when guys are like: ‘Hey, I liked it when you kissed that chick, did you like it?’ And I say: ‘Not really!’ I mean it was my first time ever kissing a girl and it just wasn’t sexy. There’s a thing about men that turn me on but a women’s soft lips and soft body and all that stuff – I just can’t do it!”

If her relationship with her mother can be fixed: “I hope we do but she’ll have to go through a lot of changes – spiritually, mentally and physically. She’s going to really need to find a good spot to be in. I’ve tried to help but it’s too awkward and weird. We are two different people now.”

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