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Bruce Hart: ‘I’ve Been Told It’s Certain Tyson Kidd’s Career’s Over’

Bruce Hart appeared on Main Event Madness and spoke about a number of things including providing a MAJOR update on the health and career of WWE Superstar Tyson Kidd. Also Bruce spoke about the state of WWE, some controversies surrounding the aftermath of Kidd’s injury and much more. Here are the highlights.

On Tyson Kidd’s injury and career, and if WWE paid for his ambulance:

I was taken aback when I heard about, just the way WWE handled it. He injured his neck quite badly in that match with Samoa Joe. I was told when he [Tyson Kidd] was in the dressing room after, one agent, he indifferently said ‘go take your shower’. [Kidd] said no my neck is really f***ed up and I was told he said ‘we’re not going to pay for an ambulance’ and they were almost making it out like he was a hypochondriac. My niece Nattie, his wife, they said if you wanted to go to the hospital it’s your choice. She set out for the hospital and got lost in San Antonio and she finally got there after some kind of driving around. When they got there, they did the CT scans and MRIs and immediately determined that it was a near fatal injury. It was a fraction of an inch from either being a fatality or a paralysis from the neck down type thing. They notified the WWE of this, and I was told there were only 3 or 4 places in the US where they can perform this type of microsurgery that would stabilize and do what they needed to for his neck. They had to at that point charter a some kind of air ambulance from San Antonio to Florida, which was the closest place that did that type of surgery. I heard that cost $100,000 and they had to fly him back for that. At this point I was told they haven’t made any contact, WWE hasn’t called, some of the wrestlers have called TJ, as i know him. At this point as far as i’ve been told it’s certain his career’s over and that he’s fortunate to not be a paraplegic.

On Owen Hart being inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame:

If and when they choose to induct Dynamite [Kid] and Davey [Boy Smith], I think it would have to be a package deal. The British Bulldogs were never really singles guys in WWE, Davey was after Dynamite disappeared. I would think that it would be best if they were inducted together. I’ve mentioned it to WWE that i think Owen would be deserving of being inducted by himself, but at the same time it might be easier for them to explain, if Martha’s bitterly opposed to it which is quite possible that you have Owen Davey and Dynamite as this iconic Stampede Wrestling trio coming in together, kind of like the Von Erichs. It would make it a little less hard for her to protest it as much if he’s apart of this triage.

You can listen to the entire interview here:

  • oppa

    Billington should go in, but the fact that he was the inspiration of Chris Beniot, how horribly he treated others and the story of him putting a gun in his wife’s face, we will probably never see him in the Hall of Fame.

  • Omar

    Indeed. Bruce Hart should mind his own business and not mooch on others’ misery just for a chance in the spotlight.

  • CC

    Well this is another “Hart” story, so I will take most of this with a pinch of salt. If Tysons career is really over, surely the respectful thing would be for him to be able to announce it himself, not have someone else say its as hearsay.

    As for Davey and Dynamite not being singles competitors, well I am sure Davey’s long singles career says other wise. He specifically says they were never singles guys in WWE, yet the Bulldogs as a tag team only ran for 3 years in WWE, where as over three stints with the company Davey put in at least 6 years as a singles competitor.
    Factor in that HoF does not relate to just a wrestlers time in WWE, the Bulldogs lasted as tag team for about 6 years where as Daveys solo career ran for 10 years (11 if you count his initial solo run in New Japan).

    On top of all this, I doubt Billington would want to go in with Davey considering their personal history.

  • Chris E.

    I think Davey should be inducted on his own, but I also want the Bulldogs in there as well. Owen should be in on his own. Not sure why Bruce thought the Bulldogs and Owen should be inducted all together under a Stampede banner. If that was the case, you could say the same for Bad News Allen/Brown, Brian Pillman, Honky Tonk Man, and Great Gama.