Bruce Prichard claims Vince McMahon almost bought the Minnesota Vikings

It’s no secret that Vince McMahon has been interested in professional football. With an attempt at his own league back in 2000 and its subsequent revival in the next few years, the Chairman believes there is some money to be made in pro football.



However, according to Bruce Prichard, McMahon even tried to get in on the NFL, attempting to buy a team of his own.

We didn’t know what the hell he was talking about. More than anything, it was a publicity stunt, because they were floating it out there that he was interested in it. I dare say that if the price would have been right, he might have bought the damn thing for publicity purposes to make it, “Okay, the WWF just bought the Minnesota Vikings and Vince McMahon is now entering the football arena.” So, it worked. It got people talking.

The team was for sale back in 1998, so McMahon could’ve owned the Vikings instead of attempting the whole XFL thing. The NFL could’ve been a completely different entity today had he gotten his hands on the team. Or he would’ve sold them very soon after, only buying them for publicity. Who knows with Vince.

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