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Bruce Prichard opens upon CM Punk’s reaction on forfeiting the title at Unforgiven 2008

Cm Punk

CM Punk was not one of the wrestlers who shot up the ladder in a day, the wrestler had to struggle with the backstage officials more often than not before ultimately winning the biggest prize in the business.

Punk’s first title run as the World Heavyweight Champion came to a screeching halt after the officials opted to take the title off the Chicago native by plotting an ambush angle where Randy Orton and Legacy would attack the champion at Unforgiven 2008.

The title would, later on, switch hands to Chris Jericho later that night and Bruce Prichard talked about the topic on the latest episode of Something to wrestle with Bruce Prichard. Prichard claimed that the title was handed over to Punk in the first place due to the absence of stars such as John Cena and Randy Orton due to injuries. He said:

“It was until I took him up and sat him down and you actually take the time to know someone. John Cena is out, Randy Orton is out, all these guys are out. You have to make the move. It forces you to pull the trigger to make the move and pull the trigger, and with CM Punk we did that. We felt that this was his opportunity where one door shuts and the opportunity comes your way to make the most out of it. We went with CM Punk during that time, which was all there was to it”

Prichard also went on to reveal Punk’s reaction to the bizarre fashion he would lose the title and claimed that taking the title off him was a mistake. Prichard said:

“CM Punk was confused. Really confused, and when you look back, to me [Chris] Jericho and Shawn [Michaels] did not need that title. They needed a prop for a ladder match, okay, but they sure as hell didn’t need the championship. I thought CM Punk needed the championship. I thought that the championship helped Punk, but at that point, it was needed for a prop to have a ladder match so as crazy and as many conspiracy theories people want to throw out there it is as simple as that,” Prichard said. “It sucked, and you can see, hindsight being 20/20 you see the interview with CM Punk where they [Legacy] jump him and Punk is not even into it. He’s frustrated and probably upset, all rightfully so by the way, so you feel before he even gets jumped he’s thinking, okay fine, I’m going to do this f**k it. It did suck because it made no sense.”

H/T to Wrestling Inc. for the transcript.

  • Rinn13

    WWE also just did not like or believe in Punk in general. Remember this is the same company that HIRED him, and then stuck him in OVW with no real intention to ever call him up to TV. He only got to TV because of Heyman. And the point is, why did they even bother putting the belt on him in the first place, if they didn’t believe in him and took the first stupid opportunity they could, to take it off of him in such a devaluing, insulting manner. They literally could have just put the belt on Jericho to begin with.

    And it isn’t as if this changed. When he got his second World Title, on SD, they still kinda treated him like second fiddle. And even after the “Pipe Bomb”, and he was the hottest thing in the business, and they let him walk out of Chicago champ, etc. They had a very real opportunity there, to have the “Next Stone Cold”, he was THAT hot and over. But instead, while they DID put the belt on him, for a YEAR, the entire time they treated him and the title like it didn’t matter that much. Literally everyone was getting main event programs over Punk the CHAMP: Lesnar, Cena, Rock, HHH, Howard Finkle, you name it. Punk can be a real crabby a$$hole sometimes, and I’m sure he wasn’t always fun to deal with. But he also had every right to be angry, that he was THE most over star in the company there for awhile, yet they treated him like he was sub-par. He had every right to believe that he should have main-evented a Wrestlemania between 2012-2014. He 100% should have. But no one ever accused Vince of being a genius, right?

  • Keith Learmonth

    I still feel like it would’ve been better if Jericho had challenged him the next night on Raw, won it, then go on to face HBK. Write Punk out for 4 weeks via post-match attack from Legacy to stop him cashing in his rematch clause.

    You get the Punk/Legacy story, and the HBK/Y2J title match, without having to randomly drop the belt.

  • CC

    The problem isn’t that they took it off of Punk, it is the way they took it off him.
    Pritchard can say that Jericho and Michaels did not need it for their match, but it did make their match much higher stakes, which kinda makes sense. What made no sense though, is if you want to give the title to Jericho so they can use it in the ladder match, then why not just let Punk lose during the scramble match (a format that defo puts the champ at a disadvantage) and have Jericho be one of the original participants instead of randomly sticking him in the match?

    That is why people think there was more to it than just WWE wanting the title in the ladder match.
    This is why it looks like WWE lost total faith in him as champion. He did not even get to lose the title.