Bruce Prichard Reacts To Heat From WWE Writers

WWE has a very strict ban on WWE employees being involved with third parties, and a recent edict caused a massive uproar on social media. However, this does not apply to Bruce Prichard and this has rubbed a few people the wrong way.



Reports had suggested that he gift Bruce Prichard gave WWE writers did not offend anyone in the slightest. However, the presentation of the gift cards was definitely not received well by them.

It was said that Bruce Prichard sent Christmas cards to the members of the WWE writing staff with an Amazon gift card inside. The problem was that he sent the cards with his Something To Wrestle With envelopes that also included his podcast’s logo.

Using Something To Wrestle With Christmas cards was said to be inappropriate for the majority of the writing staff. Many saw this as Prichard promoting his own business outside of the company. Some questioned why Zelina Vega was fired for her own outside ventures while Bruce Prichard was free to do whatever he wanted to.

On his Something To Wrestle With podcast, Bruce Prichard addressed the rumors. Host Conrad Thompson jokingly said that Prichard is in big trouble. Prichard simply said the following:

”You know what? I’m always in trouble. Trouble is my middle name.”

Wrestling-Edge transcribed his comment.

Harrison Carter
Harrison Carter
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