Bruce Prichard Reportedly ‘Hurting’ WWE Writers

Executive Producer of WWE Monday Night Raw and Smackdown on FOX and known WWE personality, Bruce Prichard is allegedly keeping current WWE writers in the dark, as per a new report with RingsideNews and it’s editor Steve Carrier, hurting their ability to work. Carrier stated: ” [The] Raw brand no longer get notes from the meetings with Vince McMahon. Therefore, if a writer is on the team, and not in the meeting with Vince, then they are left in the dark. Or, they are left to guess about direction because they were cut out of the loop.” Bruce Prichard had this surprising WWE firing agreement



While the exclusive also documents aggravation from an anonymous WWE source who contributed – “I don’t know why Bruce would have most of the staff operate in the dark, but it seems like another power grab to me.”

In other news regarding Bruce Prichard, the acclaimed podcaster recently discussed the initial run of Ahmed Johnson and the hesitation talent at the time had with working for the former Slammy Award winner. He told Conrad Thompson the following on a recent edition of ‘Something To Wrestle’.

“I don’t know about respect, but they didn’t like working with him because he was stiff. I think Ahmed also had a bit of an attitude and feeling that he was already over and should’ve been the top guy without ever having come in and done the work and gotten to the point to where the audience got him over and wanted him to be the top guy. So, while we wanted him to be a top guy and, shit, quite possibly if he got there to be the top guy, I don’t know that he ever reached it. But in Ahmed’s mind, he was already there. This former WWE writer pitched Bruce Prichard on a return.

Credit to 411Mania for the above transcription.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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