Bruce Prichard ‘Saved’ Fired WWE Star

The former WWE star Aleister Black recently revealed that Bruce Prichard, who is part of the creative team had protected him during his stint in the company.



Aleister Black opens up on Bruce Prichard

WWE had started airing vignettes for Black’s return in April and he finally returned on the May 21 episode of WWE SmackDown. He had attack Big E and cost  the Intercontinental Championship. Braun Strowman Calls Out WWE Hall of Famer

It was noted that Black had undergone gimmick transformation and was portraying his new Dark Father character, which he could not execute to the full potential due to the sudden release.

He recently spoke on Twitch following his release and discussed when he felt like himself with promos and his thoughts on WWE creative. He then opened up about Prichard as well.

Here’s what he had to say:

“Money in the Bank with AJ, when I stepped out of the dark and into the dark, that was the first time I did what I wanted to do. It got praised. Don’t get mad at our creative. They try their absolute hardest and there are good people working there.

I’m very thankful for our creative and have had a good relationship with Bruce [Prichard]. He tried to protect me in a lot of situations. He wanted to get me out of the room. The consensus was ‘no one moves like him or has his intensity.’

My style was a hybrid of traditional wrestling and new age striking. In the last five years, I’ve proven to be one of the most influential strikers of this generation and I will continue to do that,” he said.

We will see what is next for Aleister Black in the future.

Barry Russell
Barry Russell
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