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Bruce Prichard talks about Eric Bischoff being fired by WWE

Bruce Prichard

Eric Bischoff was fired by WWE after four months of working with the company. He used to be the Smackdown Executive Director, but Bruce Prichard has replaced him now. He is still good friends with Bischoff.

On Something To Wrestle With, Bruce Prichard talked about Bischoff getting fired by WWE. He requested that people remember Bischoff is a real person with a family. He is also not dead and is likely to go elsewhere soon enough. Here is what Prichard said:

“I think he’s one of the nicest guys, and he also is a human being. So when you sit there and you make comments through a keyboard, or through your phone. And it’s a faceless, just random thing. Remember that you’re making comments about human beings. And you’re making comments about real people that have families. And real people that yes, we’re in the public eye and I get that. And to a certain point, say and do whatever the hell it is you want to do.”

“Also remember that it’s real life, and that we are human, and that we do have families. And believe it or not, we have feelings. And I know that Eric will succeed. This is like — he ain’t dead! But I just want to publicly wish Eric Bischoff the absolute best in business, life, and everything else, because he’s a good friend and I’m proud and happy to say that he’s my friend.”

Fans were able to experience Smackdown on Fox with Bruce Prichard in charge this week. Perhaps we will see an improvement in the product following this move.

h/t to 411 Mania for the transcription.

  • Solomon Black

    The difference is he has first hand experience with Russo and the others he has spoke ill of. Hes speaking his opinion based on his interaction with them. Its why he dislikes Meltzer. Bc he doesnt have first hand knowledge of most of what he talks about. And when what he says doesnt happen then its “plans changed”

  • Raidertre

    The difference is, he’s said what he said so there will be repercussions if he ever encounters these people. Internet gangsters can say whatever they want with zero repercussions because we don’t know who they are. Are we really debating this? On air personalities get confronted all the time.

  • CC

    And I bet he would not say the stuff he says about them to their faces, so how is he any different?

  • CC

    And that means they do not have feelings or families and cannot be hurt.
    Hypocrites are hypocrites.

  • Raidertre

    Yeah but he’s aware that he could possibly see these people one day. Meanwhile, these Internet tough people are anonymous.

  • rob

    The people he doesn’t like also have families and have people that cares about them, so what the difference? I heard him talk crap about vince russo a lot, i’m sure he has a feeling too, so what’s the difference?

  • Sparti Love

    The difference is the people he talks about, he actually knows and clearly doesn’t like/respect, while none of the fans personally know Eric.

  • CC

    Yes, and I bet Pritchard has never said anything bad about someone in an interview, on social media or in a podcast now has he. I bet he has never talked dirty about wrestlers or promoters.