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Bruce Prichard talks gaining Vince McMahon’s trust

Bruce Prichard spent a lot of time in WWE and he was there for a great deal of historic backstage moments. He appeared on theĀ Two Man Power Trip and discussed many subjects including his role in Impact Wrestling. But a fascinating point was brought up when he discussed how he was able to first win over Vince McMahon’s trust which helped propel him to such a long career in WWE.

“I’ll tell you what he used to say and it was there was nobody who disagreed with him more” Prichard said. “Which is kind of funny because a lot of people always classify someone who has been there that long as a kiss-ass. I have a completely different viewpoint of the business than Vince does and a lot of opinions we share I think over the years we grew to kind of think the same way on some things.”

“For the most part, I disagreed with him a lot and would disagree to with him to his face and we had a lot of knockdown-drag outs. I learned through the years how to travel through those landmines of arguments and Pat Patterson had said to me that I should maybe choose my words a little better and I incorporated the two most important words in my vocabulary which are “what if”.”

“So instead of saying something sucks and your idea is horrible to just think about it for a minute, try it on and offer an alternative as “what if” we did it this way and it is a lot more palatable than that sucks. He never had to wonder where I stood on something. I’d tell him point blank and never had to sugarcoat it.”