Bruce Willis Daughter Speaks Out On His Face After..

It seems that the Bruce Willis genes are strong in baby Louetta.



Rumer Willis opened up about the resemblance between her 6-month-old baby girl with boyfriend Derek Richard Thomas and her own dad while attending the opening night of Love Actually Live in Beverly Hills, California, on Wednesday.

“Whenever she’s got a stern discerning look on her face, I just see Bruce Willis,” she tells PEOPLE.

“My dad — especially on [TV series] Moonlighting — has this little side smirk, that very [mischievous] twinkle in his eye, and I see that so much in her.”

The Once Upon a Time … in Hollywood actress also celebrated how joyous having a new addition to the family is during the holiday season,

“Oh, it’s the best,” Rumer shares. “We haven’t had a baby in the house in so long. So to be able to have that kind of Christmas energy and our first Christmas with my family — all of us there with a new baby, and having that joy and excitement of Christmas, I can’t wait.”

In a chat with PEOPLE about her partnership with Bumpsuit earlier this month, she echoed that feeling, explaining how much this time of year means to her.

“We always do stuff together at Christmas and everybody has a stocking and to just be able to see her there this Christmas, it’s exciting. Christmas is such a big holiday for us.”

In the same conversation, Rumer opened up about passing on the family’s “magic” to daughter Louetta.

“I think inherently, some of the most magical parts of myself are definitely from them,” the actress said of her dad, as well as mom Demi Moore, 61.

“So I feel like that will be passed down to her,” Rumer continued. “I love watching them with her.”

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