Bruce Willis To Act With Dementia For Massive Name?

Legendary actor Bruce Willis had been diagnosed with frontotemporal dementia (FTD) last month. The retired actor stepped out in Santa Monica on Thursday. FTD symptoms often arise in younger patients between the ages of 40 and 65, according to the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.



During the filming sessions in which the actor was present, people present could already sense that something was not right. He had difficulty in holding conversations, coupled with not being able to connect words correctly.

Bruce Willis could be set to make a poignant farewell appearance in a big Hollywood blockbuster – even if he is too ill to act via Express.

It has come to light that his friend, iconic filmmaker Quentin Tarantino, wants him for a cameo role in his tenth and final film The Movie Critic, which starts shooting in September, according to a senior production source. Willis officially retired last year after struggling on sets for more than a decade before being diagnosed with the degenerative brain disorder aphasia.

In February this year, his family announced he is now suffering from frontotemporal dementia, which robs victims of cognitive abilities.

Last month, however, the Die Hard legend appeared looking fit and happy in a video posted by his daughters following a family visit to Disneyland – and Tarantino is hoping he is well enough to perform a brief cameo.

The two became firm friends after Tarantino cast him as ageing, on-the-run boxer Butch Coolidge in his 1994 crime classic Pulp Fiction, which helped Willis reestablish himself as a major star following a career slump.

At the time, Tarantino declared: “Bruce has the look of a 50s actor. I can’t think of any other star that has that look.”

Now he wants to pay tribute to his old pal, according to the production source, by offering him a small role in The Movie Critic, which will be set in 1970s Los Angeles.

“Quentin hasn’t approached Bruce’s family yet – and will completely bow to their wishes if they say he’s too sick,” said the source.

“If that’s the case, he aims to try to work a brief clip from one of Bruce’s many previous movies into the film.”

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