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WWE legend Bruno Sammartino talks about coming to America as a kid, being bullied, more

Bruno Sammartino talks about his love for the gym.

Bruno Sammartino spoke about coming to America as a kid, being bullied and what got him into the gym.

On the most recent edition of Table For 3, Bruno Sammartino joined Ric Flair and Randy Orton, discussing a myriad of issues.

Sammartino opened up about his experience, including going to language school, growing up in America, how being bullied changed his life, besides professing his love for the gym.

On coming to America and enrolling in language school Bruno stated-

“But the amazing thing was when I came to America, we were so happy. Together, we of course come to America. But because of our delicate condition I started going to language school, trying to learn how to speak English. And that’s when I experienced bullying which turned out to be a big plus in my life.”

Additionally, on being bullied and taking to the gym as a result, Sammartino revealed-

“And I used to get beat up every day. I fought back, but my weakened condition always got the heck beat out of me. So I’d always come home with a bloody nose, black eye, cut lip and the Jewish kid named Maurice Simon, felt sorry for me. And he took me to the Jewish Y. That’s the first time in my life (that) I saw weights, I saw these guys working out.”

Furthermore, revealing the Eureka moment when he knew the weight room was for him, Bruno added-

“Because of being bullied and being picked on and all that stuff, (I) started working out. (I) couldn’t lift feathers when I went there, but honest to God, when I left the gym the first time and I couldn’t lift nothing I had a really great feeling that this was gonna be something that was gonna be really good for me. And it really turned out that way for me.”

Bruno Sammartino truly is a ‘Living Legend’. I, for one, am looking forward to more episodes of Table For 3– a show that really seems to have caught on as regards presentation and content, as of late.