Bryan Upset About Anger Management, Foley Comments on HHH, More

– Mick Foley felt like Triple H was referring to him during his RAW speech last night where he talked about not wanting to be the guy who just hung around. Here are some Foley comments from RAW when Triple H was out:



“HHH should take it from a guy who knows. Better to go out on top, on your own terms, than to hang around too long.”

“YES! Just lost three times in a single Triple H highlight reel. When it comes to losing high profile matches, I truly am The King of Kings!”

“Jees, kind of felt like he was referring to me there, didn’t it?”

– spoke with Daniel Bryan after last night’s RAW where he was counted out for getting into an extended shouting match with a fan at ringside. Bryan insisted he doesn’t have anger issues and says Kane needs the classes because he’s mad over the SummerSlam loss. Bryan also talked about his new nickname – Mr. Small Package.

– WWE’s website also tried catching up with Triple H following his speech on last night’s RAW. Triple H was emotional and just kept walking with not much to say at all.

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