Bubba Ray Dudley on How He’s Different Now, Possibly Working More with WWE, Rumble Return

– Bubba Ray Dudley spoke with WWE’s website again about his return to WWE at the Royal Rumble on Sunday. Ray commented on how the return came about:



“WWE called me about a month ago and said, “Would you like an opportunity in the Royal Rumble?” And I said, “Absolutely.” I showed up here today and they said, “We want you to be a surprise.” I thought that was great, and I hid all day.”

The former Bully Ray also commented on how he’s different now from 10 years ago

“I just think that I’ve learned how to be a smarter entertainer. I’ve learned to entertain in a way the fans can truly appreciate. Whenever I talk about going out there and entertaining, I compare it to the rock ‘n’ roll band Kiss. They don’t waste a note. They don’t waste a breath. They don’t waste a second. It’s constant entertainment from the minute they play “Detroit Rock City” to the end of “Rock and Roll All Nite,” they are giving you your money’s worth. That’s what’s different about me. I try to go out there and give the people their money’s worth every inch of the way.”

Finally, Ray commented on working more for WWE in the future:

“If the WWE Universe and the WWE higher-ups want to see us here, then yes, hopefully there is a future. I really say it’s up to the fans. By the reaction tonight, I’d say the fans would love to see us back. And hopefully we can do it.”

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