Bubba Ray Dudley Is Willing To Bring Back His Bully Ray Character While In WWE

Bubba Ray Dudley recently appeared on Live Audio Wrestling and during the interview claimed that he would play his heel Bully Ray character in WWE if the company ever asked him to do so.



“If WWE came to me and they told me that is something that they wanted to try out I would be more than happy to go down that road since I know I’ve done it in the past & I know I’ve done it in the past well. So I definitely think it could work.”

Ray would then be asked about James Storm making his NXT and he commented about it.

“Storm is a really great in-ring wrestler. He is really accomplished on the microphone. He is one of the guys that I worked with from Day One when I was in TNA. He was part of a very successful tag team. He did well on his own. He has a lot of years of knowledge & I think he can only help down there in NXT.”

You can listen to the entire interview here.

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