Bubbly for Everyone!: Chris Jericho gives away free booze to all cruise passengers

As of late, Chris Jericho is known for two things – firstly for being AEW’s Le Champion and secondly for his love for a Lil’ Bit of the Bubbly.



Jericho and his co-passengers have embarked on a voyage to the Bahamas and a whole lot of fun is in stores for everyone. Furthermore, Jericho had a very special surprise for all of his guests on the cruise.

Every passenger on-board Jericho’s cruise received two bottles of Champagne with a very special message from the host himself:

Your vacation is just getting started. We hope you’re having an outrageously good time aboard the Ship of Jericho so far! To keep the good times rolling, we’d like to give you this rad gift. Enjoy a little Bubbly on us! Have a glass with your fellow cruisers or save this bottle as your official cruise memento.

Now, its time. Ditch your cabin and let the Ragin’ continue!

A fan took to their Instagram to share pictures of Jericho’s special gift to his passengers. You can check it out below:


The best host in the world? You bet!

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