Buddy Murphy on his frustration with NXT and adjustment to 205 Live

The Best Kept Secret in 205 Live has taken the wrestling world by storm since his debut with the Cruiserweights. Buddy Murphy went through an insane physical change, dropping down to 197 lbs.



Murphy recently spoke with Fox Sports Australia to promote WrestleMania 34. He discussed his disappointment in his NXT career after splitting from Wesley Blake and adapting to 205 Live.

On Blake & Murphy splitting and being underutilized in NXT:

Sitting on the sidelines for that long, it got under my skin a lot because I had so much to offer. I felt like the world hadn’t even seen a glimpse of what I’m able to do. Being in a tag team, it’s on me but we were the champs and we won the championships early in our careers and that kind of got to our heads a little bit.

We went out there and win, lose or draw, we didn’t care and once we lost them and couldn’t get a win, we slowly got pushed down the ladder. Where do you go from there? I didn’t have anything to grab onto. It’s a tough time.

I was working my butt off on those live events. I was stealing the show every night but the stage is a lot smaller. There was a time I put a deadline on myself and it was Wrestlemania.

On 205 Live being his last chance and adjusting to the division:

I needed to do something because I felt like I was a diamond in the rough that had all the potential in the world but didn’t get to use it. Maybe I was thinking, ‘This isn’t for me.’ A lot of things were going through my head. I had a deadline to make stuff happen and 205 was my way out and how I was going to showcase to the world who I am and what I am.

Dropping 25 lbs was something I was unsure about. It seemed like a pointless adventure in a way. I was sitting in the dark in NXT. I’d lost the championships, our team disbanded, the last time I was on television was when NXT was in Melbourne (mid-2017), that was the last time I was seen.

I was doing NXT live events and I was stealing the show every night. I felt like I was under-utilized and overlooked. Once that tournament was announced, I thought what better platform? I saw that as an opportunity. I was lucky enough to steal one of the 16-man slots.

Murphy has been on fire since appearing on 205 Live, and while he lost to Mustafa Ali in the Cruiserweight Championship Tournament, has won every other match he’s been in since the tournament began. It’s clear that the WWE truly have found one of the Best Kept Secrets in the WWE with Buddy Murphy.

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