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Bully Ray explains why SmackDown is better than Raw

With the recent rating drops the quality of the recent episodes of Raw and SmackDown has become a hot topic of discussion among fans and it’s no secret that SmackDown is regarded as the better show by most people.

During a recent episode of The Jim Ross Report podcast, former WWE Star Bully Ray talked about these two shows and explained the difference behind them.

Ray said that Raw sometimes drops the ball and then went on to explain why SmackDown is the better show, claiming that he is more invested in the storylines on the Blue Side:

“On SmackDown, I’m more invested in the characters there; I’m more invested in the story; I’m more invested in the actual wrestling matches that are taking place. So it’s crazy. It’s night and day between the two brands and despite the fact that SmackDown is the better show and over the course of history has had times when it is definitively been the better show, it’s still always labeled as the B-show.”

Which WWE Brand has been you favorite in 2018 and what are the things you will change to improve the quality of programming if given a chance? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    I believe this is going to be Raw goal in 2019 too. I think they are going to move in this direction which is why we will see Finn Balor and Drew McIntyre get big push in 2019.

    The only thing Smackdown is missing a major Superstar who can draw.

  • Vishal Hussain

    Of course Smackdown is better, it has the better pushes. D-Bry, AJ, Becky, Charlotte make it must watch. Raw has Rollins, but how many times do we see him wrestle Ambrose? They have Balor, but they’re doing nothing good with him really. They have Ziggler but always misuse him. They just write bad storylines on Raw, even though they have the talent.

  • CC

    Nothing in his statement that the fans have not been saying for ages.
    While its not perfect and still has its flaws, it seems to be that because WWE thinks Raw is the A show, they consistantly push the wrong people on that show and have far more ridiculous angles than on Smackdown.

    Just look at the womens division on each show. While they do like to treat Charlotte as the female Reigns/Cena, the female roster on SD are generally the ones that are considered less. But what has happened is the SD womens roster has ended up being the stronger of the two divisions.
    All Raw has right now is Rousey as everyone else has been made to look either weak or just been used wrong.

    While Raw has some really strong guys like Rollins and McIntyre, it has a main champion who is AWOL all the time, and SD has an incredibly strong line up of talent who just go out there and work their butts off, usually stealing the show when it comes to matches.