Bully Ray Makes TMZ, News on Dixie Carter vs. Tommy Dreamer from Impact, Bobby Lashley

– Below is new video of Bully Ray talking to TMZ about his injuries. He says that Mae Young farted on him when he powerbombed her while they were working for WWE.



– The segment between Dixie Carter and Tommy Dreamer on last night’s Impact Wrestling has been receiving rave reviews from fans and other wrestlers on Twitter. Dixie continued their feud on Twitter today:

“I am still laughing that @thetommydreamer thought he could come on #Impact & talk that way to me & get away with it. #Joke”

“My right knee has been giving me so much trouble lately. Crazy how the pain is miraculously gone this morning! #WonderWhy @thetommydreamer”

– New TNA World Heavyweight Champion Bobby Lashley tweeted the following today:

“The wrong people will hate you for all the wrong reasons. The right people will love you for all the right reasons. #paydues #taketitles”

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