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Bully Ray responds to a fan claiming he harassed him at a Ring of Honor event

Bully Ray

Earlier today, a fan took to Twitter to accuse WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray of trying to intimidate him backstage at a Ring of Honor event following an incident he had with Velvet Sky earlier in the night.

Josh Ketch said that Allure’s Velvet Sky got into a heated argument with him during a recent ROH show. Ketch claimed that he wasn’t trying to get himself over, simply getting involved as a fan by cheering the faces and booing the heels.

Soon after, Ketch was escorted away by security to wait in the back where he was met by Bully Ray.

He said that Bully was intentionally trying to intimidate him, and wound up backing down. It didn’t take long for these tweets to reach Bully Ray, and the former world champion responded.

He said that he was as nice as he could’ve been in the situation, nicer than most would assume, with the conversation lasting barely thirty seconds and ending with a nice pat on the back.

Looking back on the incident, Bully feels that Ketch should’ve been ejected then and there.

It wasn’t until after “fan” was asked not to be “so rude”, did we find out the severity of the vile comments and lewd sexual gestures made towards the women.

I think we can all agree that in 2019, this type of behavior towards women is unacceptable and goes far beyond the scope of… “I paid for my seat, I should be able to do or say whatever I want.”

I live by the motto…”Respectful fans always get what they want…Rude fans always get what they deserve.” At the end of the day, I’m guilty of defending 3 women that needed a bit of defending. Not by being a bully…by being a man.

Per John Pollock of POST Wrestling, Ring of Honor has taken matters into their own hands and will be conducting an internal review over the next two days.

  • CC

    There are confilicting facts in this story on both sides, with people saying the fan was a douche all night and some people saying he was just doing normal fan reaction.

    Whatever the case, many people think that Bully Ray should not have done anything as it is not his job to do so, that is what security is for, and RoH needs to take responsibility for their inaction.

    If this guy was spoiling other peoples enjoyment of the event, then he should have either been spoken to by security or ejected from the premises.

    Unless it involves physical contact, wrestlers should not react to fans in such a way as you need to expect as a wrestler that you will take verbal abuse from “fans”. Give him a verbal insult or two in front of the fans, but taking him out back and “giving him a talking to” is not on.