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Bully Ray talks women’s wrestling outshining men’s and more

Bully Ray

The women’s triple threat TLC match at WWE TLC between Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair and Asuka received high praise from fans and wrestlers alike, as the women truly stole the show. This would include Bully Ray.

Bully Ray spoke on WINCLY podcast, where he said women’s wrestling is outshining the men’s.

“I think the WWE women right now are outshining the WWE men. I think Becky, Charlotte, Asuka and Ronda are doing a phenomenal job. I’m so happy to see Asuka back in the mix because she is the real deal. I mean this is a girl that had matches with Minoru Suzuki in Japan. You wanna talk about bad MF, that’s what Asuka is.

“Charlotte is the best female athlete and one of the best athletes, period, in the entire WWE and Becky is the chosen one right now. Becky is the people’s champion. So when you have a warrior like Asuka, a phenomenal athlete like Charlotte, and the people’s champion with the emotional investment in Becky…now you bring the badass Ronda Rousey? You have four top stars there. I don’t care if they’re male, female – they are getting the job done.

Bully Ray said it is unfair to compare any tables, ladders and chairs matches to the first two TLC matches involving him and D-Von Dudley vs. The Hardy Boyz and Edge and Christian.

“When comparing TLC matches, you compare them to every other match that is not the original two TLC matches. I don’t think you can [compare]. Right place, right time, right guys, planets lined up, stars in the right position… everything was perfect. People have been trying to top those matches forever.”

Bully also added people come to him for advice on TLC matches and he advises them to not try to top the two TLC matches that happened at SummerSlam 2000 and WrestleMania X-Seven.

  • The Random Reader

    I agree

  • CC

    With the exception of a couple of matches here and there, I really do not see how the women are outshining the men. Just look at TLC. Yes the main event was great, but so was the AJ/Bryan match. And the Rousey/Jax match, apart from some cool reversals by Rousey, was a pretty weak match.
    Just because WWE is spending a lot of their time hyping the womens division does not mean it is that much better than the mens. Even if you take Rousey, Lynch and Flair as the standard bearers for that division, where is every one else? The Riott Squad are being squashed all the time. Deville, Rose, Lana, Tamina, Jax, Iiconics etc etc ect, all doing nothing of note. Then you have Bayley and Sasha who are seemingly just spinning their wheels going nowhere.

    There have been plenty of great mens matches in recent times, but just because they are not the “in thing” for WWE right now like the womens division is, they kinda get ignored.

    What can be said is the womens division now is outshining the womens divisions of the past, but the mens division for me still puts on more great matches and has better feuds. But by the same token, due to the size of the mens division it also has a lot more dross.

  • The Random Reader

    I disagree, one thing that makes me pissed is these ladies are giving off this sexist “I’m better than you” vibe, so if anyone defending it, are idiots without opening their eyes

  • Rinn13

    If the women are outshining the men in WWE lately, that’s not praise of the women, but a condemnation of how utterly terrible WWE’s overall booking is.

    They have names like AJ Styles, Samoa Joe, TJ Perkins, Bryan Danielson, Finn Balor, Drew Gulak, Mark Andrews, Akira Tozawa, Shinsuke Nakamura, Cesaro, etc. etc. on the WWE roster, and they do next to nothing with most of them. That’s why I always laugh when “internet fans” get all excited every time it’s rumored or announced that another international or indie star is signing with the company, because it honestly doesn’t matter who they bring in. They’re still pushing people like Randy Orton, and Brock Lesnar, and the Shield guys, etc., that they have been for the last half-decade plus. They’d still be pushing Cena if his body wasn’t breaking down and he wasn’t getting more into acting.

    Point being, women’s wrestling is “outshining” the men because WWE, while having some of the best male wrestlers on the planet right now on their roster, typically waste most of them horrifically.