Cameron Diaz ‘Feels Guilty’ After Jamie Foxx Emergency

It appears that there is ongoing uncertainty surrounding the relationship between Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx, as well as their joint film project “Back In Action.” According to a close friend of Cameron Diaz, she has not spoken to Jamie since his mysterious hospitalization in April. The friend stated that Cameron is unaware of the current situation and only knows what she hears.



According to the Daily Mail, the source also mentioned that Cameron has already completed filming for her “comeback” project but may not be returning to acting due to the complications and drama associated with “Back In Action” even before Jamie’s hospitalization. The film has reportedly faced setbacks in post-production, and Cameron is uncertain about its future. It is worth noting that Jamie was an executive producer on the movie, and his condition has caused uncertainty among the producers.

Before Jamie’s hospitalization, there were reported disagreements and heated arguments between him and Cameron on the film set, which were never resolved. Cameron now reportedly feels a sense of guilt that they did not reconcile before his health crisis.

Representatives for Cameron Diaz and Jamie Foxx have not responded to requests for comment, so it’s difficult to confirm the current status of their relationship and the film project. The source also mentioned various dramatic incidents during the production of “Back In Action,” including an alleged meltdown by Jamie, the firing of multiple people, and the discovery of an unexploded WWII-era bomb on set.

Jamie’s health condition remains unclear, with conflicting reports and speculation. His family has been seen visiting a medical facility in Chicago that specializes in stroke recovery, but the exact nature of his illness has not been disclosed. There were online conspiracy claims linking Jamie’s hospitalization to the COVID-19 vaccine, which his representatives denied.


Harrison Carter
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