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#CancelWWENetwork Trends Following Royal Rumble, Where Was Randy Orton Last Night?

– By now, it’s quite obvious the majority of viewers were upset with last night’s Royal Rumble pay-per-view, specifically the match itself and the early elimination of crowd favorite Daniel Bryan. Following the show, #CancelWWENetwork was trending at the top internationally on Twitter. Whilst numerous people were upset with the actual show booking, we received lots of emails to say people were unable to access the WWE Network page for the last hour or so of the show, which was another reason for people to cancel.

– Randy Orton was backstage at the Royal Rumble in Philadelphia last night, but not used in the Rumble match.

  • Nytesevin

    How much is the WWE Network?!

  • A.M.Beatz

    And I don’t think the losses end here…infact it will continue if they don’t get their act together, and most recently its over pay disputes. Lol talent is getting better deals elsewhere now for less rated shows. And notice how they cutting costs by not renewing contracts after two months or so someone new is released lol. Its really sad yet even with their budget adjustments they still giving us grade C and D shows and some is rather pathetic cover ups since theirs nothing new to talk about. It just shows budget is not their problem. Its either they need new scripts and writers or they just don’t know what they doing and too blind to see the reactions from fans.

  • wahlly

    The cancellation page for the WWE Network crashed last night from being overcrowded.. That’s a good indicator they lost some subscribers

  • wahlly

    You’re absolutely right.. Cesaro is a fantastic talent, can put on a great match, and I honestly don’t know where Vince is coming from cuz I think his mic skills, while they’re not the best, aren’t that bad.. They just don’t want him up there.. A whole locker room full of talent that they’re completely ignoring.. Some of the WWE’s best years were when they were putting guys over who deserved it simply from their in-ring work.. Mysterio, Van Damm, Guererro, even Benoit who was AWFUL on a mic, yet his skills were undeniable in the ring.. This is the exact reason they lost one of their biggest stars in CM Punk

  • Nicholas Giambattista

    Like how does the internet know for sure if people has cancel. They just throwing stuff out there seeing who will bite. Yet they have no facts just a guest that all.

  • HBK

    Good question IDK man all I know Is Reigns is getting the Bootista treatment hahahah his career has been buried. Any of those guys u posted deserved it more then reigns. reigns is just not ready. but WWE knows “What’s best for Business”

  • A.M.Beatz

    Well cesaro would of been a champion today if they used their heads. Fans enjoy his brute strength in the ring. They not promoting him well. They are to blame. What about Adam Rose what a crappy story line. His way more then acting stupid for the company lol Adam is also a talented wrestler.

  • wahlly

    Fans will forgive his promos, where he’s not connecting is his matches.. They suck.. If he was putting on some good matches as of late, I don’t think there would’ve been a problem.. And Vince comments on Cesaro not having “it” and not connecting with the WWE Universe

  • A.M.Beatz

    Yup that’s true they have options but they not using it. As for roman reigns promos are so weak…they still need to train him if they want him the babyface of wwe. Overall cena would do a better job than him…as much as we don’t like it. But damn lol

  • Keith Learmonth

    “We’re tired of Cena always getting the title, and we want someone new!!!”

    WWE: Puts someone new in title picture for the first time in a year and a half.

    “Ugh, why can’t Cena just win it again already?!

  • A.M.Beatz

    Possible that reigns will win at WrestleMania because their has been already some early speculation about brock lesnar wanting to leave wwe. But seriously I would pick John Cena going for title run than roman reigns judging from recent events.

  • Dustin

    LOL’d at the Arnold voice schtick. So many distinguished wrestlers, like the Wyatts, Cesaro, Ziggler, Barrett, Ambrose, Rusev, and, of course, Bryan and they hand it to the big, bulky monster “face” the second year in a row. Why?