Cardi B and Lacey Evans have heated Twitter exchange

Cardi B got a bit of a shock last night when fans began mentioning her in WWE related tweets. The Grammy Award winner’s name was brought up during a backstage segment with Angel Garza, Torrie Wilson, and Nikki Cross.



Garza attempted to offer a rose to Wilson, who said that he should try his luck with Cardi B who was just a few rooms over. When he walked in, he was met by the Boogyman, a scare that ultimately cost Garza the 24/7 Championship.

Cardi B had a good laugh about the whole thing and even talked wrestling with fans for a bit. However, Lacey Evans may have taken things a bit too far.

Lacey threw out her catchphrase while issuing a warning to Cardi B, which led to a pretty heated back and forth between the two. After stating “we aren’t Nikki Minaj,” Evans promised to hand her a beatdown should she show up in WWE.

It looks like everything’s settled down for the moment. However, be sure to come back to Wrestling-Edge for any updates on the story.


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