Carlito Threatens To Quit WWE In Hilarious Tweets

Carlito threatened to quit WWE in a tweet today, following it up 4 minutes later saying he was joking, but that it’s possible fans would turn on him. Carlito revealed how he gained muscle in a new interview.



Carlito said, “I think I might quit while I’m ahead. Social media week1: welcome back Carlito, we missed you! Social media week2: why the f%#* did they bring back Carlito?!”

He tweeted 4 minutes later, “Lol, nobody has said that yet. I was just making a joke… but I wouldn’t be surprised (Grinning face with smiling eyes emoji).”

Carlito said on WWE’s The Bump about his return, “It was weird. I hadn’t done it in over a decade, but at the same time I done it the week before, you know what I mean? It was cool to see these old-timers, guys who did it back in my day and then being able to mix it up with these new kids who are tremendous. I think they’re a lot more talented than our era.”

Ringside News transcribed Carlito’s comments. Carlito had just teased a reunion with Chris Masters earlier today, who he said he would also like to see come back to WWE for his third stint.

Carlito tweeted, “Next up, let’s get this beast to stop by. #wwe #WWERaw #wwesmackdown.” Carlito returned to WWE at the Royal Rumble, and followed that up by having a tag team victory with Jeff Hardy on Raw, their first tag match together since 2006. There have been rumors that Carlito might return to WWE full time.

Michael Joseph
Michael Joseph
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