Carmella Explodes Out Of Top In Backstage Photos

WWE star Carmella recently took to her Instagram account and posted backstage pictures in her seductive in-ring attire and a denim jacket during Monday Night RAW.



Her caption read:

“Forever living in the 90s 🛼📀”

Meanwhile, Carmella and Chelsea Green have been teasing to form a tag team for more than a week and, it appears that this week on WWE Raw, it was finally confirmed that the two women are working together.

Ahead of Carmella’s match against WWE RAW Women’ Champion Bianca Belair, the two women made a pact to go over Adam Pearce’s head, before Green then accompanied Carmella to the ring and interfered several times.

Green wasn’t able to help her pick up the win but did attack Belair after the match until she was chased off by Asuka. The two women appear to now be on the same side with very similar gimmicks, but as of yet, Chelsea Green doesn’t seem to have been handed an official brand.

The former SmackDown Women’s champion Carmella recently made her return to in-ring action. While she was on a hiatus, she suffered a tragedy. Carmella alongside her husband Corey Graves, were expecting their first child. However, she announced that she suffered a miscarriage back in October.

While speaking on WWE After The Bell, Carmella talked about her struggles with ectopic pregnancy, which was life-threatening:

“I was dealing with an ectopic pregnancy, which means that the pregnancy was not viable and I couldn’t move forward with it. It’s actually something that you [Graves] and I learned together, is something that is very dangerous and something that a lot of women don’t make it through. I feel very fortunate. My friends, family, no one realized just how extreme this is. My husband included.”

“I wouldn’t say it’s common, it actually only happens to six percent of pregnancies, which is crazy to think about. I’m so grateful I listened to my body. There was a moment where, I wasn’t sure what was happening, my stomach was killing me, I asked you to take me to the emergency room, we’re in the emergency room…”

“It was so difficult. When it happened and I was in the emergency room, I had to take an ambulance to another emergency room for them to diagnose exactly what happened. Once I realized that it was an ectopic pregnancy, which means it’s in your fallopian tube and not in your uterus, so at any point, basically, it can explode and you can bleed to death, which is insane to think about.”

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