Carmella Falls Asleep In Humiliating Airport Photo

WWE star Carmella recently took to her Instagram account and dropped a picture that was snapped at the airport and she was spotted sleeping.



Vince Russo questions why Carmella did not fight back after Sonya Deville slap

The former WWE writer Vince Russo recently spoke about Sonya Deville slapping Carmella and Queen Zelina in a backstage segment on RAW.

The WWE official fell short against Bianca Belair in her RAW Women’s Championship match this Monday. Sonya Deville looked to get the match in her favor against the EST of WWE as she added the No Count-Out and No Disqualification stipulation to their match. The official also enlisted the help of Carmella and Queen Zelina to turn the match into a three-on-one beatdown.

However, Belair showed some high spirits and determination to fight through the pain and kick out of every pinfall attempt. She finally hit the K.O.D. on Deville to pick up the win and retain the RAW Women’s Championship in front of her hometown fans.

Despite Carmella and Queen Zelina helping her in the match, Deville was visibly frustrated and went on to slap the duo backstage. Speaking with Dr. Chris Featherstone on Legion of RAW, Vince Russo mentioned that he expected Carmella and Queen Zelina to hit back after Deville slapped them across the face. He pointed out that they were professional wrestlers and should not have gotten slapped so easily.

Here’s what Russo had to say:

“Carmella’s profession is supposed to be a professional wrestler. That’s what she is, she’s a professional wrestler. So you get slapped across the face from Sonya Deville and you do nothing? Okay.”

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