Carmella Opens Coat For WWE Fans In Photo

Carmella has posted a beautiful photo ahead of her YouTube reality show with Corey Graves debuting tomorrow. You can view it below.



WWE RAW commentator, and Carmella’s boyfriend, Corey Graves recently publicly announced that he has been cleared by the medical team and he is fit to compete after eight years absence from in-ring action. The fan took note of the announcement reacted to the news on social media. However, he has been lambasted on multiple occasions by the fans and the former NXT Tag Team Champion lashed out at the fans in a subtle manner.

Corey Graves reveals criticism he received from fans

Graves himself recently responded to Sportskeeda’s update regarding his medical clearance and shared a list of some of the wrestling community’s most common reactions, which are mostly negative remarks. Not only some fans were critical of his in-ring and commentary skills, few also demanded him to be ‘fired’ and ‘set on fire’. Here is what he wrote:

“Here Twitter, I’ll handle this.

-None of them.
-He always sucked.
-He sucks at commentary too.
-He should be fired. And set on fire.

Did I miss anything? 😘”

You can check out the Tweet below:

As part of a recent interview with TMZ Live, Graves revealed that while he had been cleared to compete for the first time since 2014, it wasn’t an immediate goal of his to get back in the ring:

“It’s crossed my mind. I went and spent some time with doctors over the past. Actually, in the middle of the last year, I kind of got the itch and I think this is one of the first times I’m saying this publicly. Yeah, I have been medically cleared to compete,” Corey Graves revealed. “It’s not an immediate goal of mine, it was just something that I needed to know, that I needed to know for my own sanity.” via TMZ.

We will have to see when if he decides to make a comeback to the squared circle.

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